Schedule and slides

RAMiCS 2018 took place from October 29th 2018 to Thursday November 1st. Proceedings can be found here.

time Session Topic
Monday, October 29th 2018
10:15 Invited Philippa Gardner. Scalable reasoning about concurrent programs (slides)
11:45 Reactive Programming Simon Foster, Kangfeng Ye, Ana Cavalcanti and Jim Woodcock. Calculational verification of reactive programs with reactive relations and Kleene algebra (slides)
13:45 Semirings Hans Leiß and Mark Hopkins. C-Dioids and µ-continuous Chomsky algebras (slides)
14:15 Semirings Hans Leiß and Mark Hopkins. Coequalizers and tensor products for continuous idempotent semirings (slides)
15:30 Semirings Roland Glück. Distances, norms and error propagation in idempotent semirings (slides)
16:00 Semirings Nikolai Krivulin. Algebraic solution of minimax single-facility constrained location problems (slides)
Tuesday, October 30th 2018
09:00 Relation Algebras Michael Winter. T-norm based operations in arrow categories (slides)
09:30 Relation Algebras Robin Hirsch. Decidability of equational theories for sub-signatures of relation algebra. (slides)
10:00 Relation Algebras Koki Nishizawa and Norihiro Tsumagari. Composition of different-type relations via the Kleisli category for the continuation monad (slides)
11:15 Tutorial Relation algebra in the classroom with Ampersand (slides)
Wednesday, October 31st 2018
09:00 Invited Manuel Bodirsky. Finite relation algebras with normal representations (slides)
10:00 Applications and Tools Maximiliano Cristia and Gianfranco Rossi. A set solver for finite relation algebra (slides)
11:15 Applications and Tools Lefteris Kirousis, Phokion Kolaitis and John Livieratos. On the computational complexity of non-dictatorial aggregation (slides)
11:45 Applications and Tools Wolfram Kahl. Calculational relation-algebraic proofs in the teaching tool CalcCheck (slides on A4, slides)
13:45 Spatial Reasoning Giulia Sindoni, Katsuhiko Sano and John G. Stell. Axiomatizing discrete spatial relations (slides)
14:15 Spatial Reasoning Pranab Kumar Ghosh and Michael Winter. A modal and relevance logic for qualitatives spatial reasoning (slides)
15:15 Algebras Sarah Alexander, Peter Jipsen and Nadiya Upegui. On the structure of generalized effect algebras and separation algebras (slides)
Thursday, November 1st 2018
09:00 Invited Roland Backhouse. The importance of factorisation in algorithm design (slides)
10:00 Verification Peter Höfner and Callum Bannister. False failure: Creating failure models for separation logic (slides)
11:15 Verification Roland Glück, Bernhard Möller and Jessica Ertel. Algebraic derivation of Until rules and application to timer verification (slides)
11:45 Verification Jonathan Huerta Y Munive and Georg Struth. Verifying hybrid systems with modal Kleene algebra (slides)
13:45 Protocols Malvin Gattinger and Jana Wagemaker. Towards an analysis of dynamic gossip in NetKAT
14:15 Protocols Dexter Kozen and Matvey Soloviev. Coalgebraic tools for randomness-conserving protocols (slides)
15:30 Algebras Stefano Bonzio, Michele Pra Baldi and Diego Valota. Counting finite linearly ordered involutive bisemilattices (slides)
16:00 Algebras Maria João Gouveia and Luigi Santocanale. MIX star-autonomous quantales and the continuous weak Bruhat order (slides)